What we can do for you:

• Open up new perspectives, possibilities and scope for action.

• Support you in communicating effectively and resolving disputes constructively.

• Support you in developing effective approaches for constructive communication and for handling difficult situations and conflict in professional and private contexts.

• Encourage your capacity to be present, mindful and open.

Who we are:

We are a team of mediators, counsellors and trainers with many years of experience. We work with the techniques of mediation and integrate elements of the gestalt approach which focus on making quality connections, communicating effectively and relating well to others.


In situations of tension and conflict, differing perspectives and value systems become apparent. It is by developing an awareness of these differences that we can begin to address conflict constructively. In doing so, we overcome blockages and gain renewed energy, and this leads to change, creativity and innovation. 

Mediation is an approach to dispute resolution that takes place on a voluntary basis. Mediators support all the parties involved by creating a safe space in which the interests, needs and feelings that lie beneath the conflict are revealed. It is within this framework that consensual and sustainable solutions to conflict are found.

What we offer

We offer Mediation for individuals, teams and groups in both German and English. 

For mixed-language settings we also offer translation (German / English) for mediation.

Mediation Training is currently held in German only. Specific workshops can be tailored for an English speaking audience.

Contact: Regina Sasman;  sasman@berlinmediation.com; 0152/03687755

Team for Mediation in English

Regina Sasman 

BSc Hons (Cell Biology), Dipl. Ing. (Medical Biotechnology) 

Mediator, Trainer, Coach and Facilitator with 12 years of experience in working in international and intercultural contexts. Areas of expertise: Mediation, Coaching, Training and Process facilitation. Languages: German, English

Rebecca van Es

BA (psychology & literature), LL.B, LL.M (international legal studies)

Mediator, South African lawyer, law lecturer and language teacher with an international background. Languages: English, German